Provincial Registration Process

Body Blueprint has everything you need to become a Personal Trainer, Weight Room Instructor or a Group Fitness instructor in BC, and we can also help if you are in another part of Canada.

1) Fitness Theory Course
The first step for all of the above courses is to complete the Body Blueprint Fitness Theory Course, which we offer either in-class or online, or privately if you’d like the instructor all to yourself! Fitness Theory Course


2) Provincial Fitness Theory Exam
The BCRPA provincial exam is an online exam and easily done with a proctor in your area. Once you complete the Fitness Theory course with Body Blueprint, we’ll send you more information regarding the exam.


3) First Aid and CPR
In Victoria we recommend that you contact Jamie Pierson at Alert First Aid: 250-595-5323, or your nearest Red Cross or St. John’s Ambulance to get your First Aid and CPR certifications.


4) Register with the BCRPA for your Fitness Theory designation

Contact the BCRPA directly to complete your Fitness Leader registration, or email us for more info. You’ll need to get your Fitness Theory designation to move on to other specialty modules.

5) Specialty Modules
You will want to specialize in one or more of the following areas:

– Group Fitness Instructor (also for teaching Boot Camp or outdoor fitness classes)

– Aquatic Fitness Instructor

– Third Age (Seniors) Instructor

– Weight Training

– Personal Training – You must complete the Weight Training module prior to registering for the BCRPA Personal Trainers course. There is a three hour exam after this course that can be arranged with your course conductor.


6) ICE
This is the Instructor Competency Evaluation – After each of the specialty modules above (except Third Age) you will need to have an ICE done. We can help you with this – if you are around Victoria, BC we can meet you, or if you are more remote we can also accept video submissions.

*BCRPA Forms: After each specialty module you will need to fill in the BCRPA ICE forms for that module. The forms will need to be handed in and marked by Body Blueprint Fitness, and once they are marked you will schedule to meet with your evaluator for a practical session. You can download the ICE forms for group fitness, weight training and personal training from the BCRPA web site. Body Blueprint students are supplied with the ICE forms and we can do your ICE in person or online, email us to schedule your ICE!


7) Other Specialty Modules

Once you are registered with the BCRPA, you can also take courses for special populations, such as Body Blueprint’s excellent Third Age (Seniors) workshop, and our colleague Sonja Bidese gives Pre- and Post-Natal courses.