TWIST University Level 2 – Full Curriculum – Includes 3 Courses

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ACE = 2.6     BCRPA = 30     CFP = 9.0      Fit. Aus = 24

This workshop includes:

Sports Balance Level 2- This cutting edge balance training program teaches the importance of balance to athlete performance along with the process and progressions needed to challenge balance for sport improvement. The functional assessment protocol uncovers athlete weak links so that exercises can be used to improve movement, stability and strength providing the foundation for sport success. Easy to implement exercises are categorized based on difficulty and complexity creating a simple and effective plan to improve balance for sport.

Sport Strength Level 2 – This innovative strength training program explores the evolution of training from muscle isolation focus to an integrated whole body dynamic lifting techniques. The exercises progress from the development of stability, mobility, eccentric control and total body linked system strength mechanics to create athletic strength and skillful movement. A functional assessment helps understand athlete strengths and weaknesses, combined with the exercise progressions creates a strong foundation for strength and power performance.

Sport Movement Level 2- Effective and efficient movement skills are the foundation of athlete performance. The focus of this course is to develop speed, agility and quickness (SAQ) using a progressive teaching and training methodology. Essential tools include a functional readiness assessment protocol, skills and drills to develop balance and equilibrium, dynamic warm up, foundational movement patterns, nervous system activation and multi directional patterns in a scientific and practical format that is easy to implement for diverse training environments.


  • Level 2 – Sport Strength Exam
  • Level 2 – Sport Strength Online Video
  • Level 2 – Sport Strength – Workbook
  • Level 2 – Sport Strength Manual
  • Level 2 – Sport Balance Exam
  • Level 2 – Sport Balance Online Video
  • Level 2 – Sport Balance Workbook
  • Level 2 – Sport Balance Manual
  • Level 2 – Sport Movement Exam
  • Level 2 – Sport Movement Manual
  • Level 2 – Sport Movement Workbook
  • Level 2 – Sport Movement Online Video

You will be able to complete the workshop with the online materials.