Fitness Theory Exam Challenge Prep Package

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The Fitness Theory Exam Challenge Prep package is for those who have enough experience in the fitness industry to challenge the course.  If you have a University degree in kinesiology or a related field, or an exceptional grasp of anatomy and physiology, then you can challenge the course. If you can you comfortably answer the following questions, then we have a great package to prepare you for the provincial exam: What muscle is the antagonist at the hip on the down phase of a squat, and is it concentric or eccentric, shortening or lengthening passively? What is the energy system fuelling you during 15 seconds of jumping jacks? If you have difficulty answering these questions, then you might be better off taking the Fitness Theory course to prepare yourself for the BCRPA exam.

With the Exam Challenge Prep package you will receive the full-colour Fitness Theory e-manual and an exam prep workbook.

Please choose very carefully. Once the course materials are sent you have access to them so no refunds will be issued. Thank you for your understanding.