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NSFA – 16 credits

What separates a good personal trainer from a great one? This enjoyable, informative & educational 16 hour package of workshops will show you how to take your personal training sessions from good to GREAT. A great PT has a massive repertoire of moves to help prevent injury, work around existing injuries and fix the most common mechanical issues during most common exercises.

A great PT can use basic equipment for brilliant exercises. We show you how to use the BOSU, wobble board, and the ball in ways you never thought possible.  We teach you dozens of fabulous abdominal/core exercises that are interesting, challenging, safe and effective – with not one single sit up!

A  great PT isn’t afraid to take it back to the basics and fix problems. Do you notice your client’s shoulder blades flare out when they do push-ups? Do your client’s knees buckle while doing a squat? We show you how to recognize mechanical & postural issues and how to fix them. A great PT does lots of assessments to find imbalances and  incorporates lots of corrective exercises into a regular training program.

Are you having trouble building your business or keeping your clients? Do you want to get more clients and aren’t sure where to find them? We teach you how.

This workshop includes: Advanced anatomy, how to recognize poor posture, assessments for posture and function (static and dynamic), functional training and corrective exercises, and entire section on training the core, and how to be a better Personal Trainer and how to build your business. This workshops gives you a savings of over $100 if purchased individually!


If you require a certificate for more than one governing body, there is a $10 fee.


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