Personal Training Level II · Advanced PT workshop · 16 BCRPA Credits

In this workshop you will learn: How to test for power, strength, speed, quickness, coordination, agility, flexibility, local muscular endurance, and cardiovascular aerobic capacity and endurance. Discover assessment tests to help find imbalances in movement patterns. Corrective exercises to improve mobility, stability, strength and posture. We teach you ways to integrate corrective exercises into a regular training program and how to identify, expose and overcome weaknesses . You will also learn how to form a foundation for long-term training gains, excellence in Exercise Design. Functional Training & Excellent Movement Patterns. Multi Joint Exercises  and Core training. How to use equipment safely and effectively in ways you never thought possible. How to build your business. As a bonus we teach you planning for success of your business.
The Cost: $349.00 plus GST

Course Dates & Times Below

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